Dec 12 2023


10:00 am - 11:00 am

Your Cybersecurity Journey

Join Project Spectrum and APEX Accelerators in this free webinar as we learn more about the cybersecurity journey from Project Spectrum, a free resource provided by the Department of Defense.
Topics include:
– Current Cyber Threat Landscape
– Why Small Business are Lucrative Targets
– Government Guidance, Mandates, and Requirements (NIST, CMMC, DFARS, etc)
– Project Spectrum’s Cyber Advisory Services
– Project Spectrum’s Training Courses
– Project Spectrum’s Proprietary Cybersecurity Tool Development
Learn about the state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools and training available at no charge to help your company improve your overall cyber hygiene and meet the requirements for government contracts, including DoD requirements. Project Spectrum is a DoD-supported initiative through the Office of Small Business Programs that offers cybersecurity related products and services at no cost.
Webinar Co-Sponsors include:
American Indian Chamber Education Fund APEX Accelerator
Arkansas APEX Accelerator Contract Opportunities Center APEX Accelerator
Del Mar College APEX Accelerator
Louisiana APEX Accelerator
Monroe County | Finger Lakes APEX Accelerator
National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development APEX Accelerator
Native American Development Corporation APEX Accelerator
Nebraska Indian Community College APEX Accelerator
NYC SBS APEX Accelerator
Northwest Louisiana APEX Accelerator
Northwest Native APEX Accelerator
Oklahoma APEX Accelerator
PEDCO APEX Accelerator
Tribal Government Institute APEX Accelerator